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Leading Edge ground mounted solar solution with 360W panels

Ground mounted solar

Ground-mounted solar is an easy installation and is fully scalable for numerous applications.


If you are not short on space, this is an excellent choice for harnessing power from the sun. This simple solution is not only easy to install but also easy to clean and maintain.

Ground-mount solar installation by Leading Edge Power
Solar is the most abundant energy source on Earth
PV panels still produce energy even on cloudy days

Scalable to any size depending on available area and generally mounted south-facing, the choice of monocrystalline panels available ranges from 80W - 410W.


Whilst the panels may be more exposed to shading as they are lower down, ground-mounted solar panels usually lead to better efficiency in comparison to roof-mounted systems. They are generally cooler lower down and with less heat, there is less friction as the solar energy transfers from the panels to your electrical system.

View our case study utilising ground-mounted solar.

For more information, get in touch and start your renewable journey.

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