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Leading Edge SmartBaseStation off-grid fully integrated solution dual mast LE-600 wind turbine

Smart Basestation

The SmartBasestation is an innovative fully-integrated off-grid solution capable of providing power for a range of applications as a turnkey solution for the off-grid market.



wind generated power

Leadin Edge Smart BaseStation in remote offgrid site providing power with solar panels 360W and LE-600 wind turbine, 5G mast broadband repeater assembled enclosure

~ Rugged construction

Smart BaseStation provides an easy to deploy robust solution, pre-configured to supply power in hard to reach areas where the cost of running a grid connected supply is too expensive or not possible.

The tilt up/down masts make for easy deployment of the required equipment in a safe and effective manner, even in remote areas. A galvanised finish completes the design with additional paint on the base and towers for aesthetics of your choice.

Combined with the use of innovative ground screws, installation is much quicker and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete bases.

Due to it's easy to deploy capabilities, this system has been utilised for connecting rural communities with Relay Broadband, providing 5G on construction sites, and CCTV on highways projects. The Smart BaseStation is designed to be installed in remote locations, even on sloping, uneven ground, any time of the year, in any weather.

Smart BaseStation on site during installation by Leading Edge
Adding auxiliary equipment to the masts of the Smart BaseStation by Leading Edge

~ Ultimate combination

With the pairing of wind and solar, this integrated design is an effective year-round power source capable of operation during day and night. The fold-away panels make for easy installation and are protected during transportation. Having two masts allows for auxiliary equipment to be fitted or gives the option of two turbines. 

Leading Edge Smart BaseStation portable power supply fore remote location, solar panels and LE-600 wind turbine and battery storage unit

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