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Leading Edge SolarBox with PV panel and battery storage


If your equipment draws up to 400mA or up to 4W continuous load, then the SolarBox is for you - choose between the SolarBox 110W or the SolarBox 80W.

Leading Edge SolarBox up mast for remote power

The SolarBox is a solar mount and enclosure in one neat unit, topped by either a 110W or 80W DC-Solar 12V professional grade panel.  Into this, a 20Ah deep-cycle AGM battery (plus additional 20Ah battery if required) and Victron BlueSolar MPPT solar controller is neatly fitted. Simply connected the solar panel, solar controller and batteries together, wire in your loads and then mount on the pole.


The DC-Solar panels utilise best-in-class monocrystalline “SunPower” cells, world renowned for quality, compactness and high outputs in low-light conditions such as cloudy days. The sturdy anodised aluminium frames and extra thick front glass (4mm) result in a robust, durable solar panel.

see the solarbox in action...

Our SolarBox is powering Midlands Air Ambulance helipad lighting systems in locations where there are no licensed night aerodromes.

For more information call 01981 241668 or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we would be happy to recommend this solution or an alternative bespoke off-grid power system.

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