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LEv50 extreme Antarctica off grid wind turbine from leading edge

wind turbines

Made in the UK

Leading Edge is proudly the UK's no.1 designer and manufacturer of small wind turbines. Head over to our Leading Edge Power website where you can browse our full product range.

With both horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines on offer, they are all available in 12V, 24V or 48V.

LE-300 british made off grid wind turbine


Best-selling horizontal axis turbine, quiet, compact, and the most rugged & reliable in its class

LEv50 Extreme off grid wind turbine

Compact, silent and lightweight turbine designed for battery-charging of low power electronic devices

LE-150 Extreme off grid wind turbine

Our toughest wind turbine yet, warranted to withstand winds up to 40m/s (100mph) in the harshest environments

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