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Our Mission.

Energy security is a rising concern worldwide, hastened by the rapid effects of climate change and conflicts. We cannot afford to do nothing. Here at Leading Edge we endeavour to aid the transition to renewables, supplying green energy for off-grid applications across the globe. 

From helping people stay connected by powering rural broadband to mission critical industrial applications, our systems are already used across every continent and in over 65 countries. Already we have reduced CO2 emissions generated by burning fossil fuels by creating renewable alternatives.

We will continue to play our part in creating a greener future by providing affordable renewable energy solutions for numerous applications and welcome you to join us on this mission. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Our team.

Leading Edge Systems consists of a small yet powerful team. Situated in the green and pleasant county of Herefordshire, UK, our in-house experts can consult, design, specify and supply an entire unit suitable for your off-grid requirements. 

Power Box in Leading Edge Systems

our story

Leading Edge has been going since 2009, creating solutions for numerous applications with systems dispatched to over 65 countries worldwide

Leading Edge is certified to the ISO 90001:2015 quality management. Our Environmental Policy outlines the sustainable working practices in our business as we strive to lead the industry in minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment.

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