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starlink powered by renewables 

When in a remote location staying connected can be a challenge. Thanks to Starlink and the great skills of the Leading Edge Power team, internet connectivity in off-grid locations is now easy, made possible whilst using the Earth’s natural fuels of wind and solar.

Operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Starlink provides internet connectivity across much of Europe and the Americas using its satellite network. Famously, Starlink has helped Ukraine remain connected during the recent conflict when so much of its infrastructure has been destroyed. Here in the UK, Starlink provides “not-spots” – places where there is no fibre broadband or 4G connectivity – with high-speed internet.

When operating, Starlink draws 50-75W. At Leading Edge we have designed and developed a bespoke off-grid power solution for remote satellite connectivity. The Leading Edge OG Base is a pre-configured, self-contained system which provides the required power, in either a standalone or mobile unit. There are three high efficiency solar panels with a Leading Edge British-made LE-300 wind turbine providing power 24/7.

The 92.16kWh AGM recyclable battery pack supplies 5 days autonomy, enabling Starlink’s power requirements to stay supported, even on cloudy or still days where there’s little input from solar or wind.

At Leading Edge HQ, Starlink provides high-speed broadband for the company’s office, workshops and neighbouring home supporting a total of 40+ devices. This same solution can provide connectivity for other remote companies, hamlets, glamping sites or pop-up events including festivals.

If you're interested in a Starlink solution or something similar, get in touch at or complete this form and we'll get back to you with options. 

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