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og base trailer

Designed with flexibility in mind, the OG Base is suitable for numerous applications as a fully integrated all-in-one off-grid portable power solution.

Leading Edge Off Grid OG Base Trailer system with 365W solar panels, LE-600 horizontal wind turbine and LE-v150 Extreme vertical axis wind turbine, integrated portable all in one solution compact on trailer for transporation
Monitor remotely




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Using our own Leading Edge British-made turbines, solar pv, and capacity for a fuel cell option, there are numerous uses for this equipment. The system compacts to be fully transportable and is easy to install at a new location. Whilst the standard OG Base is perfect for many applications, there are a range of options to tailor the system more to your needs. Choices include the type of wind turbine, dual or single tilt masts, fixed or foldable solar frame, and inverter size. A remote monitoring control system is also available if required. Back-up can be provided by a methanol or hydrogen fuel cell, or alternatively a generator.

Leading Edge trailer system portable solution for remote power, fuell cell small wind turbine battery storage and solar panels

Compacts to be fully transportable on a trailer and is easy to install at a new location.



wind generated power per day

1.1kWh monocrystalline solar pv 

Remotely deployable with ease

The sleek yet robust mounting frame design permits the system to be transported easily on a standard trailer. Once at the chosen site, the four legs are wound to the desired height allowing for a level base even on uneven terrain. Trailer mats can be placed under the feet for added stability. Once raised, the trailer can then be extracted, leaving the stand-alone solution to perform.

Installation is rapid and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete bases. The tilt up/down masts make for easy deployment, even in remote areas, and warrant the mounting of auxiliary equipment in conjunction with a turbine.

OG Base Trailer system on site with LEv150 Exreme turbine and auxiliary equipment including odometer, LE-v150 Extreme, Salsat radar and solar panels
bespoke solution offgrid

We are happy to discuss requirements and provide a

 BESPOKE solution

Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The OG Base is fitted with a Victron Cerbo GX, which provides full control over the system. When connected to the internet via a built-in Ethernet port, or via the optional WIFI receiver or 3G/4G router, live data is transmitted to Victron’s proprietary VRM portal.

Remote monitoring screen view

Logging in to the VRM Portal from your laptop or the mobile app anywhere in the world, means that you can see exactly how your OG Base Trailer System is performing (live and historical), receive alarm signals by email and even change system setting remotely.

Leading Edge Power OG Base System at sunset, offgrid solution with LE-600 and LEv150 wind turbine, fuel cell, battery storage and solar pv. On trailer for transportation for remotely deployed fully integrated off-grid power solution

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