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Leading Edge PowerBox solution with 360W solar, mast for equipment and LE-600 horizontal axis wind turbine


The PowerBox™ is everything you need to supply a remote power source in a single pallet-sized box using a hybrid solution. Easy to transport and quick to deploy, this system is designed for operating low power AC or DC equipment. In less than an hour, this complete solar-wind hybrid power supply can be set up, with the option of an autostart backup generator, or even a methanol fuel cell.

Leading Edge offgrid power solution PowerBox, pv panels solar in assembled enclosure portable palletboz with LE-600 horizontal axis wind turbine



wind generated power

~ Flexible and modular

As not all applications are the same we've designed PowerBox™ to be as flexible as possible. Options include battery bank size, wind turbine type, inverter size, as well as choosing whether or not a control system is required. Generally, our standard models will meet your requirements, but we are happy to discuss bespoke solutions.

~ Ideal for remote locations

Pre-configured and self-contained, little maintenance is required. Remote monitoring allows you to view performance (live and historical), receive alarm signals by email, and even permits changing the system settings remotely. The PowerBox™ is fitted with the innovative Victron Cerbo GX, which provides full control over the system. When connected to the internet via the built-in Ethernet port, or via the optional WiFi receiver or 3G/4G router, live data is transmitted to Victron's proprietary VRM Portal.

Leading Edge PowerBox deployed with 2x LEv150 Extreme vertical axis wind turbines powering environmental monitoring equipment in Highlands

~ Easy to deploy

Unfurl the solar panels, tilt up the wind turbine and you’re ready to go in less than 1 hour.

~ Easy to transport

The PowerBox™ is pallet sized for shipping on conventional freight. It is also compact enough to be transported in the back of a pick-up truck or can be moved by helicopter to enable delivery to exceptionally remote locations.

Leading Edge PowerBox transported by truck on pallet for remote power in harsh environment and inaccessible locations

~ Stored power

120Ah idustrial grade deep-cycle AGM batteries are used to store the power as reserve. For greater storage, PowerBoxes can be 'daisy chained' together. An EFOY fuel cell option is also available.

~ Rugged

Made from galvanised steel, PowerBox™ is designed to be long-lasting and durable in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

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