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Starring our LE-300 best-seller, this is a flexible, reliable, and highly engineered off-grid lighting solution. Designed to provide true zero-carbon lighting output in all exposed outdoor locations by drawing power from nature and removing the need for costly power infrastructure installations. ReLuminate is relied on by construction workers and local authority lighting specialists to deliver the reliable lighting output they need, every time, no matter the location.

LE300 streetlight solution, LE300 wind turbine with vertical 50W solar panels and LED streetlight
LE-300 streetlight off-grid solution with vertical solar panels and LE300 wind turbine
Offgrid renewable streetlamp renewable street furniture by Leading Edge, lighting  solutions powered by wind and solar, LE-300
LE-300 streetlamp off-grid installation

This solution is great for minimal impact as no guyed tower kit is required. Additionally, it can be paired with a turbine mounted at the top of the pole to create an excellent hybrid system.

Our partners for this solution are Kight and GreeBlue UrbanFor more information give us a call on 01981 241668.

LE-300 streetlight solution renewable, LE300
Reluminate light down street, LE300 turbines
LE-300 wind turbine streetlamp off-grid streetlight 50W solar panels
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